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Please visit my shop to find alternatives to everyday products that will help you reduce your impact on the environment.

I encourage you to buy less, buy wisely and use for longer. Reuse rather then recycle. Recycle rather than discard. And if you know you’ll have to throw it away, consider what will happen to it next.

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7 September 2019 – Proud of Periods, Wolverton

The next event where you can visit the ecosista stall is ‘Proud of Periods’ in the Square, Wolverton, Milton Keynes on Saturday 7 September at 2pm.

I’ll be bringing a wide range of Natracare bleach- and plastic-free periods products plus Mooncups.

Conventional cotton production is particularly damaging to the environment due to the high use of pesticides. Organic cotton is not only good for your skin but is also far better for those who live and work in cotton growing areas.

On the ecosista stall you’ll also find environmentally friendly deodorants, soaps, organic cotton wool and buds, natural toothpaste and more.

I look forward to seeing you there 🙂

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Why choose organic cotton? offers the concerned consumer a selection of environmentally friendly body care products which we believe are a better choice than many of their conventionally manufactured equivalents.

Our Natracare products are all made with organically grown cotton.  Organic cotton is a great choice, not only because you won’t be putting potentially harmful chemicals next to your skin, but also because you are sparing a thought for those living in the lands where the cotton is grown.

Natracare produce a wide range of period products and we stock them all and in different sizes.

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A little more about Natracare

If you are concerned about the harmful environmental effects of conventional cotton organic cotton ultra extra padsproduction, you can choose to buy products made from organically grown cotton.

Natracare tampons, pads and panty liners are manufactured from certified organic cotton and accredited sustainable forestry to ensure Natracare meets high sustainable standards.

Natracare was the first ever brand to measure the complete life-cycle of the menstrual pads they produce. The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) independently measures the carbon life-cycle analysis of a single Natracare pad. It verifies the soft impact of our sustainably sourced raw materials, from creation and transport, to the pad being used and finally the return of the pad to the Earth.

At we stock the entire Natracare range of pads and tampons, so you can try different types and sizes to find the ones that best suit your needs.