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ecosista is a small online shop selling environmentally friendly products for periods as well as body care  and household goods.  We do not sell through other platforms such as amazon or ebay, but try to make these excellent products available to local people through vegan fairs and other ‘green’ events.

Whether you are looking to reduce your impact on the environment or to avoid the use of chemicals next to your skin, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs from our range of products. We stock Natracare organic tampons and pads, reusable Mooncups and washable Bloom and Nora pads.

Hanslope Vegan Fair ecosista stall

To compliment this we also sell natural deodorants from Heavenly Organics and Earth Conscious, as well as olive oil soap from Greece and some wonderful ethically produced soaps and  ‘shampoo bars’ from Friendly Soaps in Yorkshire.

And as an alternative to plastic ‘sponges’ we have several eco-friendly options from LoofCo.

So, why not take a look and make a move towards a greener lifestyle?

We’ll post to the whole of the UK but if you live in the Stony Stratford or Wolverton area we’ll try to deliver on foot or by bike.

Delivery charge

When we set up the online store at the end of 2018, we set the delivery charge and threshold for free delivery a little too low. We are therefore now having to increase it. Our main aim is to promote the use of sustainably produced and ethically sourced products, so we try to keep the cost of buying from ecosista as low as we possibly can.