Bloom & Nora ‘Bloomers’ mini pack

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3 x mini pads, plus an out-and-about bag.

Introducing the reusable sanitary pad brand Bloom & Nora. Quality and environmentally friendly cloth pads that enable you to have a cycle in style. No more irritations from harsh chemicals and they save you money too!

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Bloomers reusable sanitary pads by Bloom & Nora are an easy to use and more cost-effective alternative to single use sanitary pads without compromising on performance.

With a slim, comfortable fit and secure popper fastening, these cloth pads stay in place to offer peace of mind day and night.

Bold, beautiful and topped with natural bamboo fleece, users can be confident that there are no nasties next to their skin throughout their menstrual cycle. The unique stay dry binding keeps everything in the absorbent core and away from clothing to ensure a leak free protection every time!

This handy 3 pack includes 3 x Mini pads, plus an Out and About Bag with two compartments for keeping clean and used pads separate.

Whilst the Mini pads are small and dainty, they don’t lack functionality! Ideal for lighter flows or as a panty liner for use alongside a menstrual cup/sponge. Oekotex certified and ethically made in the UK.

Bamboo, bright colours, 21x9cms

For washing instructions see the manufacturers FAQ


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